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    Thank you for taking the time to come to www.blendergems.com and checking out our Jewelry CAD Library. 

    This is a wonderful product for those of you who are either in the profession, thinking about joining the profession, or the hobbyist who wants to learn more about Jewelry CAD. 

    In the Jewelry industry, over the past decade, many new computer aided innovations have taken place.  Today, we jewelry designers who used to craft items by hand, now have a wealth of tools available to us to bring custom designs to our customers, quickly and of a much higher quality of construction.  This is not to say that making items by hand will soon disappear from our industry, it is just that we now have the ability to use computer technology to step our game up a bit.  (read more...)

    If you are in the jewelry industry, and currently use CAD software, you know just how much it costs to keep up with the software, software updates and the library updates.  In most cases, we spend on average just under $10,000.00 per setup, and the updates can often cost in excess of $3,000.00.

    There are many small family owned jewelers who just cannot justify the expense to purchase and train for this tool.  This is one of the reasons we have taken the time to create and offer an affordable option, which in most cases will be less then $500.00.

    However, this is not the goal of our product here.  Blendergems is an library of object files which you as a designer can use during the construction of your jewelry products.

    If you need a diamond, or a head, or an item such as a symbol or leaf, it is available for you within the library to import into your project.  Once you have joined that new library object to your design, you can save the CAD file into a standard output file, email it off to a caster, or use your own equipment to make the wax, mold and have casted.  Once casted, you can either take the casting, or receive it from a casting company, clean it up, set the stones and have it ready for you or your customer in no time.

    The advent of Jewelry CAD designing is that you can almost create any item in your imagination, or the obscure request from that valued customer who wants a one-of-a-kind item.

    You can purchase Blendergems here by purchasing a subscription to our site.  A One year subscription is available now, and it gets you access to the current library.  As we continue to add items to the library, updates will be posted onto the site, and you as a valid subscriber, can download them during the period of your subscription.  Once your subscription ends, a renewal is available at a discount for active customers.

    Feel free to browse around the website, and check out the library items that are currently available.

    Thank you very much again, for taking the time to check out Blendergems.

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